Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Strategies for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

For our clients that have built successful companies, we pride ourselves in being a resource for both their personal and business financial planning needs.

We understand what it takes to run a successful company. With so many moving parts and the day to day responsibilities of operating their companies, our clients are often times in need of custom strategies to incentivize & bonus employees, develop proper continuation & exit strategies, and protect everything they've worked so hard to achieve.  

Areas we focus on with our clients:

Estate building and conservation

•Incentives and bonuses

•Disability protection

•Group benefits and pension supplements

•Split-dollar life insurance arrangements

•Voluntary benefit plans


The benefits packages we can bring to you include:

•Wealth accumulation

•Estate building and conservation

•Post-retirement security


Employee Benefit Plans



For those that have created successful companies, their greatest asset is their personnel.  We believe the best way to maintain a high-caliber workforce and employee loyalty is through an attractive benefit plans.

We create comprehensive benefit plans or help to update plans already in place. Our mission is to create the right combination of benefits that will appeal to our clients employees and complement other company resources.


We structure employee benefit plans that include:

•Fully insured and self-insured health and dental insurance
•Group life & supplementary accident coverage
•Long term disability income plans
•Long term care coverage
•Consulting services/review of benefits