What We Do

Helping Plan for the Future for Over Four Decades

For over 40 years, Cornerstone Financial Group has been providing specialized expertise to business owners, families and those approaching retirement. Our unique process helps you plan your future and get on the road to accomplishing your financial goals.

Our Philosophy: Protect First

Our unique process can help you manage risk in your life. We consider that most important…because you only get one chance to protect your wealth. It needs to be done right. Our goal is to help you avoid losing money that you can’t easily make back. We’ve been helping people do that for decades. Our specialized small team helps you identify risks and protect against them, cost-effectively. While doing that, we’re always looking for ways to save you money on taxes, too, which can help you accomplish your financial goals even faster.

How It Works

There’s no shortage of information out there about how to change your financial situation and achieve your goals. However, few people actually achieve financial independence. Why not?

We believe there are two reasons:

1-Lack of enough planning and stress-testing.
2-Lack of consistent follow-through.

We’ve designed our services to provide you both of these critical services. And since you’re busy, we’re here to help you stay accountable to the goals you set for yourself. That means unlimited support for no extra charge, included with everything we do

Areas We Address with You

  • Review of assets and liabilities
  • Income and cash flow planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Social security review
  • Investment review and asset allocation
  • Ongoing investment management
  • 401(k) retirement plan rollover
  • Insurance review
  • Long term care insurance and strategies
  • Tax-efficient savings strategies
  • Estate planning and asset protection
  • Charitable giving planning
  • Socially responsible investing
For business owners, we offer additional specialized services:
  • Asset protection
  • Business succession planning
  • Business sale or purchase transaction structuring
  • Employee Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance plans
  • 401(k) plans and other qualified plans
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Find out if we’re a good match for your needs. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help us get to know each other. We can meet by phone, in-person, or online.