Investment Management

Investment Management
For most people, investing often creates more questions than answers:

That’s why having your money managed by professionals can give you confidence for your future. At Cornerstone Financial Group, we do more than simply put your money into index funds and let it move with the market.

Instead, everything we do for you is customized to your needs. You’ll get the level of service that’s right for you, not just some automated investment management designed for the “average” person your age.

Our financial planning experts can assist you in creating a comprehensive investment plan designed to get your money working for you. First, we will work with you to clarify your goals and requirements. Then we will put a plan in place that will balance your short term and long term goals.

Investment Management
Our investment management services are full-service and include:
Instead of having your money managed by a nameless financial institution or a mutual fund manager you never meet, we’ll be your advocate, watching your investments alongside you. Bottom line: we offer a full-service solution designed to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.
Investment Management

Why Invest with Cornerstone Financial?

Our Unique “Protect First” Approach

At Cornerstone Financial Group, we strongly believe in protecting your money before you invest it. Why? Because we’re all vulnerable to unexpected events that can knock us off course. Additionally, some of our financial losses might be the result of bad decisions, not circumstances. We’re all human, after all, and investment management does not come naturally. We must fight our emotions. So that’s why our focus with clients is protect first and grow second.

Managing Your Risk

Once you’ve got insurance protections in place, we can begin to look at your investment portfolio. But even when investing, our focus is on risk management. Why? We want you to make consistent, conservative growth toward your goals. While big gains can be exciting, that drama comes with elevated risk. Think back to 2008 or the dot com era….how many people do you know had huge gains, only to give them back later and end up worse off than where they started? In investing, we believe slow and steady wins the race (and helps you achieve your goals).

Win with Tax-Efficient Strategies

We’ve all heard the old adage, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” With changing tax laws and increasing tax liability for many, this expression is more relevant than ever. At Cornerstone Financial Group, we believe that it’s smarter to look for tax-efficient investing strategies as an alternative to taking more risk. So we’ll always include tax planning with your investment planning to help you look for ways to save money now, or later.

Two Levels of Professional Oversight for More Peace of Mind

When you invest with Cornerstone Financial Group, you will hear a lot about our philosophy of “protect first”. That applies to your investments, too. So we take the following steps to help ensure that your assets are prudently managed:
This simple, clean approach can save you time and simplify your life, while you work toward achieving your goals.

Independent, Objective Advice

Not all investment management firms work in your best interest. With Cornerstone Financial Group, we’re a completely independent firm. We provide objective advice that’s in your best interest.

We also act as your legal fiduciary, which means we agree to always put your interests first.

Investment Management

Quarterly Meetings and Unlimited Support

Part of the benefits of professional investment management is your peace of mind. But to get there, you need a solid understanding and you need to be kept updated. That’s why we emphasize good communication when it comes to your wealth management. We’re proactive with communication, and then we’re always available to answer any questions you have about your investments or personal finances.

That’s why we’ll meet with you frequently. We plan quarterly meetings. Meetings can be virtual if that’s more convenient, but the frequent communication allows us to update you completely about your investments. We’ll also go back to your financial plan, make any adjustments needed, and make sure you’re on track to achieving your goals.

You’re busy, so we’re also very careful to communicate with you in plain English. You don’t have the time to look up industry terms, so it’s our job to explain things so you don’t have to.

Investment Management

Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Management

Yes! At Cornerstone Financial Group, we prioritize protection first. So part of that is making sure your risks are managed in your investing, too. When you’ve got money in stocks, you can’t control the market….but we can control other aspects, like the amount of assets you put into the stock market, and then balance it with other assets that move differently. You can also utilize more active investment strategies to adjust your money based on market actions, which is more proactive than a simple “buy and hold” philosophy. Or if you prefer, we can structure your investments to minimize your exposure to the stock market altogether. This might involve annuities or other structured products sold by insurance companies.

All of this is possible; the key is it needs to be done proactively. That’s why we work with you upfront to help clarify your goals, then work to engineer some of the variability out of your financial life.

Yes! At Cornerstone Financial Group, our full-service approach includes your whole financial life, not just part of it. So we will help you analyze any pension funds, private equity, real estate or other asset classes that you hold as investments, too.
Yes! If you’ve got money with your employer we want you to feel confident about the investment decisions you make for that account too. So we’ll analyze the mutual funds that are part of your plan and recommend an appropriate investment strategy for you.
All investments involve the risk of potential investment losses and no strategy can assure a profit.
Investment Management


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